Acrylic, Spray Paint and ink. I’ve have to say I’ve never inked anything before this, and it’s not very forgiving. The ink well and pen did make the execution seem more authentic though.


3 Pieces, 3 Canvas, black Acrylic & a lot of spray “paint”. I say “paint” because the colors are from spray can protective enamel, which is almost as much glue as it is paint. I still have these colors on my feet from painting in the garage barefoot. It literally does not wash off.

1 Piece, 2 Canvas, & more Acrylic than usual. I did not intentionally use NIN as a theme, but I was listening to How to Destroy Angels quite a bit as I worked.

How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning

3 separate pieces, 5 canvas’, 1 can of spray paint, a lot of acrylic and some inspiration from the Des Moines art festival this summer. I wanted to try to take a theme from the Kuler website and make it into an abstract colorscape.

First post. Checking. Check. 1.2.3.