It turns out that Romney is evil, mindless, AND a Terminator; sent from the future by the Mormons to destroy all humanity (obviously).

This snapshot from the first Presidential debate proves it.





I’ve been working on a way to re-create the halftone effect in print manually through Photoshop. There is a filters > render > halftone that is the basic starting point, but the effect is a bit random. The dots vary in size based on the image pixel data, which is not how the plates actually work.

This example posted here is from a series of filters. I’ll also insert the action if anyone wants to take a look. WordPress doesn’t allow posting the .ATN Photoshop file type, so this is manually saved as .DOC, delete that and replace with .ATN. Included is a “linen paper” action to create the background and a plate action for each C,M,Y,K layer.

Photoshop Magic (rename to “Photoshop Magic.atn” and double-click to load into Photoshop)



The intent of this project was to emphasize the halftone effect in a larger than normal format. When printing with a dot screen, the color patterns are set at adjacent 45° angles to prevent then moire pattern. The 45° or horizontal screen is considered to be the prominent plate in a color set, and is typically black.

The images are posted in RGB for optimal viewing on a monitor. In these two examples I have included the original caption information from the photographer (not me), and screen angle notes.

This is part two in a tribute to a co-worker, Mackenzie. This edition is a re-imagining of the original news content from the April 04, 2009 landmark legal decision to legalize gay marriage in Iowa. I’ve altered elements to reduce confusion with the Des Moines Register newspaper. The file is in a diffusion dither bitmap format, intended for print.

The Dead Moines Rag is not a legal publication and is not intended to be used for anything other than satire.

3 Pieces, 3 Canvas, Molding paste and Acrylic. The color theme is the elements. I’m still missing Air and Earth, and.. if you are a Captain Planet fan—of course Heart.

Zombie Attack Headline

This is a tribute to a co-worker of mine at the Des Moines Register building. The content is based from a scanning I have of the 9/12/01 “Bush Vows To Strike Back” Special Report edition of the Des Moines Register Newspaper. I left some of the smaller text since it correlates anyway

1 Piece, 3 Canvas, Molding paste, Acrylic & a cyan spray paint. This is another kuler color scheme that I’ve manipulated. The splatter approach is a ton of fun. The random landscape materializes naturally and beautifully.

Acrylic, Spray Paint and ink. I’ve have to say I’ve never inked anything before this, and it’s not very forgiving. The ink well and pen did make the execution seem more authentic though.

3 Pieces, 3 Canvas, black Acrylic & a lot of spray “paint”. I say “paint” because the colors are from spray can protective enamel, which is almost as much glue as it is paint. I still have these colors on my feet from painting in the garage barefoot. It literally does not wash off.

1 Piece, 2 Canvas, & more Acrylic than usual. I did not intentionally use NIN as a theme, but I was listening to How to Destroy Angels quite a bit as I worked.

How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning